Next Street Festival 12 December 2010!

We welcome everyone to get involved in the organisation of the festival.....

Areas to get involved:


If you would like to have a stall contact Caryn Fourie: 082 9397703

Bands, Musical, dance, theatre, etc
Contact Tom: 0716249677

Kiddies activities
If you would like to do Face painting, play games, set up activities etc
There will be a closed area in one of the courtyards that can especially be for kids


All are welcome to help make decorations and paint signs. We have a beach, sea theme this time!

We will be doing some workshops with kids, get in touch if you are keen to help out otherwise

We will be doing signs and decor the day before the fest: Saturday the 11th of December
Meet outside Roots Juice bar @ 10am
Bring along any materials you have lying around
Paints and cardboard will be provided

If you would like to run a workshop during the day get in touch with Kat: 0728560999,

Info exhibits:
We encourage any group, individual or organisation with exciting projects happening in the area to set up an info display at the festival. In this way locals can become more aware with whats happening and learn how to get involved. We are especially excited about projects involved with Eco-Awareness and Community.
Contact Lauren: 0828977757,

Refuse/ Recycling
This is an especially important area because we don't want to leave our lovely village a mess afterwards. We would like to construct a set of recycling bins that can become a permanent feature of the village. If you can help get in touch with Louise: 072 6111311,

Art and exhibits
If you would like to set up an exhibition around the village - Email

Muizenberg Village Street Festival

Sunday 12th December 2010

10am – 6pm

September’s Muizenberg Village Street festival was a great success and a much enjoyed celebration for all, from twirling 3yr olds to die hard dancing elders, as both equally enjoyed the all original music with the rest of the eclectic gatherers. It was a great example of what can be achieved by the collaboration of the collective skills, talents and input from community members and all who participated. What a happy spring day it was!

Summer is now streaming into the village and it’s time to celebrate once again. We invite you to join us at, on, in and around our ocean themed ‘Sea the village’ festival, on Sunday the 12th of December, 10am -6pm, Palmer Rd, Muizenberg village. Bring along friends, family, a shopping bag and your dancing shoes!

To keep updated with how you can get involved and to see the latest additions to the colorful and fun filled programme check out

Again the festival has 3 themes: Creativity, Eco-Awareness and Community: participants are free to explore these themes as aspects of being in Muizenberg. The aim is to allow for the festival to draw attention to these themes and express/ celebrate them. In doing so, we strengthen and grow a more creatively sustainable community.

See you there!


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