What is Communitree?

Communitree is the idea of community members coming together and sharing their skills, talents and creativity for a common purpose. It provides a platform for projects Creative, Eco-Aware and Community orientated.

You can grow a Communitree in your community by drawing attention to what is already happening. Focus on creativity in all its forms, eco-aware initiatives and community projects.  By bringing these efforts to your greater community's attention you help to grow them.

Communitree Muizenberg came together in 2009 and has organised 4 street festivals. Festivals are a great way to celebrate the positive aspects of what is already present in your community. Draw on the resources you have, the skills, talents and contacts of your community to join forces and work as one.

Communitree began as an initiative to get a group of artists and healers to co-rent a space in Palmer Rd, Muizenberg Village. The space would function as a interactive hub space where the public could see artists at work and artists working in shared space would support each other, bounce ideas and collaborate. We were never able to lock down that location but ideas have developed and many amazing things have come from working together on Communitree!