Postcard Project

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Scroll down to see how you can get involved.....this is an ongoing project so you can still design a postcard or contribute images.

Postcards are available @

Empire Cafe
Casa Labia
Blue Bird Garage Market
Lifestyle Surf
Yofi Falafel
Stoked Backpackers

For any information about the project or about stocking postcards 
please contact Claire 074 3485744 or email:

Create a Muizenberg postcard and add it to the postcard trail!

Poster for our 'Exhibition in Process' Nov 2011

The Postcard Project
Join us in showcasing the rich and diverse heartbeat of Muizenberg. Get involved by contributing words, photographs, illustrations, paintings, history... anything really. These will then be collaged into a series of postcards with the intention of celebrating the many positive aspects of living, visiting and being in Muizenberg.

This project is collaboration between False Bay Tourism and Business Association, Communitree and the people of Muizenberg

Funds raised will be managed by False Bay Tourism and Business Association and channeled towards further creative community projects.

Our idea is to create a set of postcards which are collages made up from a multitude of images or words collected through the contributions of the community.

Themes: Love Muizenberg - celebrating life next to the sea and mountain, surfing, skating, climbing, the diversity of the surrounding nature, the good old days, creativity, eco-awareness, community, cultural fusion, photographs/scans of artworks, poetry, or lines of writing.

• To create an exciting new image of Muizenberg: created collectively by Muizenberg.
• To link the abundance of creativity in the area directly with Tourism.
• To draw attention and celebrate the many positive aspects of living, visiting and being in Muizenberg.
• Create postcards that would attract the kind of person/ tourist who would make an
effort to visit this place and explore the rich diversity of life here.
• To visually create an end product that is a culmination of many inputs form a wide
spectrum of the community.

How to get involved?

If you would like to design or create a postcard please do!!
Please design postcards which are 210mm x 99mm
CMYK, 300dpi

Please email them to
SUBJECT: Postcard Project 

False Bay Business and Tourism Association involvement:
FBBTA will be handling all money raised by the sale of postcards. This money will help to fund the many new exciting creative community projects wanting to happen in Muizenberg and start the planning towards the next Muizenberg Street Festival.

Muizenberg Improvement District involvement:
MID has provided us with some seed funding which has gone into the making of the postcard stands and initial printing.  We hugely appreciate their support at helping to get the project going.

If you would like to contribute:
Our stands cost R150 to make. If you would like to support the project you can contribute towards more stands being made which will help us to get the postcards in more sites around Muizenberg.
please contact Claire 074 3485744 or email: