Communitree 2010

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 2010 - I hope this year will bring much fruition of all the hard work and development from 2009 as well as a whole bunch of fun and deliciousness!!

We wanted to affirm that Communitree has not disappeared although it may have taken on new forms.

We came a long way last year and even though (after many meetings and much effort!) we were not able to secure no. 37 Palmer Rd as a Communitree space we did achieve 2 successful market days and have made many new connections between each other which have given rise to new projects and ideas as well as a greater sense of community.

Some have asked about the funds that Communitree raised from the first market day and art auction held in August last year. These funds helped to organise the 2nd market day (350 awareness day held in October 09) - Photos from which were spotted large and prominent in the official 350 compilation of photos of event from that day which was handed to the South African government.

The remaining funds have been divided in 3 ways:

HeartSpace is the new exciting branch of Communitree based on the corner of Church St and Kilarney St. It has had two great months of beautiful ongoings and community interaction.


The vision and mission of HeArt Space CommUnity Centre is to co-create meaningful and uplifting interactions within the community in which everyone is welcome to participate without social, economic or cultural differences prohibiting such connections.

Instead of segregation and separation we invite co-operation and integration – inviting all members of the community to participate in uplifting activities and healing experiences alongside each other, encouraging a sense of unity in community.

We believe that by providing a platform for heart-to-heart connections within community we are able to heal the wounds within society by uplifting and empowering the individual.

Please have a look at the website to get a better idea of what happening there.......

The Muizenberg Mural Project is also an exciting new project aiming to create uplifting murals in Muizenberg. The idea is to grow the project allowing many murals to be painted by various local artists. The project extends past the end visual result incorporating within it workshops which develop the visual material as well as facilitate the participants own creativity and exploration of self. In December we held a 4 day Breath, Water, Sound workshop which was followed each evening by a creative collage session - these collages are up on the wall inside the Heart Space and serve as the beginnings of visual reference material for murals to come.

Mural painting has begun in the courtyard at The Melting Pot and many other ideas are brewing for locations and projects.....

Our blog is still very new but please have a look for more info and pictures....

There is then a remaining amount of funds for Communitree. There has been the idea to have another market mid March where the shops and surrounding venues each hold an event in their spaces and we do a kind of night street market/ walkabout. A celebration of all the great shops, restaurants and night venues we have in the village. This idea is still a baby but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please do say!

Or these funds could be put towards the beginning of a community food garden.

All of the above projects and ideas need support so please do get involved. We really do live in an incredible place and have the potential to grow more and more into a strong community of creatives, inspiring ourselves to put our best selves forward and create our living space as interactive, open, supportive, sustainable and beautiful!

May 2010 be fab!

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