Muizenberg Comminitree Mural Project

If There was a Mural in Muizenberg what Story Would it tell ? What Would it look like, What would it feel like, Where would it be?

Join us at the Communitree Heart Space to co-create a beautiful art work that celebrates who we are!

There will be a number of activities taking place from the 14th -21st Dec. feel free to drop in for any of them anytime!

A Mural can be much more than just picture on a wall, a mural could be an end result of an incredibly creative and community building adventure.

Wherever a Mural is placed an awareness is created for that immediate environment as something that reflects the people who live there. It draws attention to Human Culture and the current thinking bound up with it.

A Mural’s content becomes part of the dialogue and daily lives of all those who pass by it.

Up Coming Activities:

* 14th -17th Dec 6:00 -7:30pm : Breath Water Sound Workshop

Breath Water Sound is a free workshop offered by the Art of Living Foundation; that teaches simple yet powerful breathing, sound and meditation techniques which eliminate stress from the system so that the mind gains the clarity to solve problems. Most importantly, the course reminds communities of the power each individual has within, to make a difference and to be the change that they wish to see.

(participants must be able to attend all 4 sessions)

*14th Dec :Storytelling Mbiras Sessions and Collage 7:30 pm:

Lets explore together the Power of community and creativity. Ancient African Wisdom and Music of Mbira by Michael Chikowore together with a collage sessions by Claire Homewood and Lisa Martin.

* 14th-17th Dec 7:30. Creative Process Collage Workshop

The workshop will use the medium of collage and mixed media to brainstorm ideas for the final mural in Muizenberrg .The medium of collage provides the focus and brainstorming of ideas and impressions. Collage is a fantastic medium, quick, spontaneous, fun, but is also very telling in that it allows for a subconcious flow of energy to come through.

* 18th Dec: 2pm : Mural site/ location walkabout.

community are invited to take a walk through the streets of Muizenberg and spot and discuss potential mural sites.

* 21st Dec 10am: Mural Funding Brainstorming session

There is also an invitation for you to run a workshop or create an event which helps to gather ideas be they visual or conceptual for the mural - eg. take a group for a hike up the mountain and draw Muizenberg, photograph some fynbos, chat to some surfers about the project, do a workshop with school kids or any organisation already up and running in Muizenberg. The idea is to cast the net as far as possible and allow for everyone to be part of the process

During the week 14th-21st Dec there will be info available as well as the collage and other collected visual material up on a wall in the Heart Space for all to interact with.

Communitree Heart Space: Namaste building- Corner of Church St and Killarney Rd, Muizenberg Village

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