A holistic approach to cultivating creativity takes root in Muizenberg

Following a recent trend in Muizenberg towards community co-operation, the Communitree initiative looks set to make an exciting contribution to the artistic and holistic atmosphere of Muizenberg Village.

This ‘eclectic’ creative collective of artists, healers and workshop facilitators will be launching their groundbreaking initiative to work from a shared space in Palmer Road Muizenberg with a fundraising day on Saturday, 15 August.

A creative ‘ecosystem’

The Communitree project is based on a philosophy of community members working harmoniously together, without hierarchy, to form an ‘ecosystem’ supportive of the individuals making up the whole.

“Although we are a diverse group, we all share a common vision and values based on a sense of community”, said Communitree’s Lisa Martin, “It is an evolving concept, valuing transparency, respect of individuality and responsible pro-action.”

Another Communitree member, Claire Homewood added: “The Communitree concept has grown organically so far. It aims to provide a nurturing environment in which the unfurling potential of each individual can reveal itself in a celebration of creativity.”

The Communitree collective came about through several individuals contemplating renting a vacant space in Palmer Road, Muizenberg Village. They simultaneously envisioned an art, healing and outreach hub, and so came together to form Communitree – the vehicle through which they hope to make this creative shared space a reality.

A fundraising day packed with activities

The purpose of Communitree’s fundraising drive on 15 August is to collect enough money to pay the deposit towards renting the premises, and thus get the project off the ground.

There are lots of activities planned throughout the day. These include a colourful market to be held from 10am until 5pm at 37 Palmer Road, with a variety of children’s activities, a ping pong tournament, a raffle, organic food and music to add to the festivities.

In the evening there will be dance, poetry and storytelling performances set against a backdrop of artworks for sale in an auction taking place from 9pm at the Communitree premises (viewing from 7pm).

Also, a limited number of tickets are available for a luscious African vegetarian and fish feast at the adjacent Dijo restaurant, and thereafter the celebrations move to an after-party at the nearby Melting Pot.

To find out more, go to www.communitree.blogspot.com or call Claire on 074 3485744.

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